by haikuhouse


Made a delicious early dinner for Joshua today and I would like to share it….

Started out by heating up a pot of water for corn on the cob. Just added some salt and about two tablespoons of butter.

While the corn was cooking I rinsed off some thin cut chicken breasts, dried them off and placed them in a large bowl.

Cut a meyer lemon in half and squeezed the juice over the chicken and put the other half of the lemon aside. To the chicken and lemon I added plenty of chopped garlic, salt, pepper, and some olive oil.

The chicken soaked up that flavor while I diced up a small yellow onion. Added the diced onion to a pan with a little butter and sautéed it.

Going back to the chicken; it went into a hot pan with about three tablespoons of butter and cooked each side until all that lemon juice started to disappear into the chicken….however the outside of the chicken started browning up nicely. The sautéed onion was put into the pan with the chicken and cooked a little longer.

Aside from corn on the cob, the other side was basmati rice. I had some parmesan in the fridge that I grated onto a plate along with the zest of the the lemon. Mixed the cheese and lemon zest into the rice with some parsley. Had such a good flavor and will certainly make an appearance during the holiday dinners ahead!

So the meal was lemon and garlic chicken with rice and corn. It was all very flavorful and I know he enjoyed eating it as much as I enjoyed cooking it!

Be blessed.