by haikuhouse


It’s a sad misconception that we think of breakfast as bagels, cereal, or pan cakes. I love having a good morning meal but not such a HEAVY one…and incorporating kale into my diet whenever possible makes me happy!

Would like to share my favorite thing to eat in the morning.

It’s essentially a kale and egg scramble. You sautée the kale first with some olive oil then (what I like to do…) is add some ground red pepper and onion powder. Now crack the egg into the pan and scramble it with your fork….At this point I like to add a little shredded cheese…This morning I used some white cheddar but normally it’s shaved Parmesan.

When I sauté the kale I don’t let it totally wilt since I have to still cook the egg with it.

Today I crumbled two small pieces of bacon in there with that melted white cheddar…Very good flavor combo.

And occasionally I will use curry powder for a more ethnic flare….It’s an extremely versatile dish and doesn’t get old!