by haikuhouse

Where do I begin? There are numerous ideas and realizations rolling around in my head. I am still trying to figure out the way in which I will use this online platform in the most tactful, interesting and useful way… So while I get my inner thoughts together, I will share some photos of the remodel we have been on for oh….like 2 weeks now. It’s big and the weather has been slowing us down. But my man IS the man and makes Soffit look like a work of art! And it is!









Day 1 was beautiful…It was cold but nothing like the next few days of intense wind with temps in the low 40s!! Unbearable for anyone. (Nothing to do with being Floridians…really!)

Alas, we have a couple hours left on it then off to the next adventure.

I will miss being so close to the oceans rhythm & wave patterns…That glassy light green hue of the water…Watching the big pelicans and seagulls torpedo diving for food. We were brought there for a reason. It helped me gain more insight about my environment and the natural world. What a beautiful world it is!!!! There were palm fronds all around like a million hands reaching forth waving at us. Again, the color green…but this time brighter and more vivid. Each palm fond was unique with its weathered fingers drooping, breaking the perfect fan-shape posture it once held. Even then, it was still as if it wasn’t chance and just as it was created perfectly it also seemed perfectly gnarled. Of course I had to draw it, so I did….And I will share it with you next time, along with some tips for how to get it on paper and rendered.

I leave you with the daily verse I get on my phone and I hope it reminds you that God is bigger than any problem or challenge you are facing today. If you didn’t know that…well now you do!

He only is my Rock and my Salvation; He is my Defense and my Fortress, I shall not be moved.” -Psalms 62:6