by haikuhouse

Drawing 101

Before I start giving pointers on rendering, let’s start with basic drawing/sketching first.

I don’t like when someone states with exasperation that they can’t draw. That’s like saying you can’t bake a beautiful loaf of bread because you don’t feel like kneading the dough and waiting for it to rise.

What I mean is that it takes time, motivation, dedication & patience…

Heavy words. I know.

Here are four steps to get you going in the right direction:

1. Pick An Object

If this is your first time sketching or drawing, then I would pick something with no pattern and a simple shape…a pencil maybe? Or an apple? If you want to challenge yourself the draw a pinecone or seashell.

2. Prepare Yourself

Sit at a table with your subject right in front of you. Be comfortable and in the right state of mind. Make a double shot of espresso (tea?) and turn on some music. Don’t have clutter around you.

3. Draw what you see

Don’t rush. Understand that the angle between you and the object has everything to do with what your about to put on paper…that and the lighting. These two things play off each other so just be thinking about that. I look at pretty much everything this way and I’m sure that is why it gets easier and easier for me.

4. Repeat

Draw your subject again, maybe looking at it with a different angle. Or keep it just the way you had it. Doing this will get you to the point where your not just looking at an apple…your looking at the really dark red areas compared to the lighter ones.

If you follow these steps and you still can’t seem to make an obvious replication of what your looking at, don’t sweat it.
I suggest you get outside and look at everything around you. Look to nature. It’s the best teacher.
Remember that you are unique…The way you see the world is different from the next person and so on. The things you look at affect your entire being and who are you. As women I believe we are to look at the world with a hopeful gaze….but I am now getting off subject and that’s just one girls opinion.