by haikuhouse

Rendering 101


If given the opportunity to teach a course on rendering, I would make the following three points on the very first day.

• Confidence…Our ability to be creative as a human being is only natural. So realize that it is coded in you to want AND need a creative outlet.

• Have a nonchalant attitude…Pen, marker & paint can’t be erased in real life; no undo button if you mess up. That definitely gives me a second of panic sometimes! Especially when I have a project half way done already. So just try to have a “who cares” attitude and go for it!!

• Be prepared before you begin…Preparation makes anything easier. So if you get this far it will be a wonderful experience from here on out. If your reading this, then I know you must love color. We recognize everything by shape and color…imagine how many shades of blue there are….Okay, so start collecting every Prismacolor marker available!

Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, Set of 72 Assorted Colors (3722)

PRISMACOLOR are the first nice markers I started using. I haven’t tried any of the other brands yet because I like these and I’m just use to them…but use whatever.
The link above is for a set of 72 PRISMACOLOR Premier double-ended markers. I strongly recommend buying a 72 marker set rather than a 24 set. The more colors you have on hand the better.

I also just get whatever thick weight paper I can afford at the time. Right now I’m using the Artist Loft Watercolor Pad, which is very affordable at Michael’s.



One of the first projects I remember doing was to find an image or interior from a magazine, trace it and then render it.

So if you find a photo you like, tape it up to a window or on a light box with paper or vellum on top. Trace the image and be loose with your hand.

I think a good idea would be to trace at a normal pace the first time, then do it again fast paced. Chances are the one you did quickly will look cooler!

Once you have your image traced then time to render. I have a book I will recommend (as soon as I locate the box it is currently in!) on this topic of rendering with some great illustrations . So I will share that information very soon along with photos. Will also get some actual Interior renderings posted up that I have done.

Be confident and don’t give up!