by haikuhouse

Wanted to share these red curry chicken, kale & mushroom baked wontons I made on a whim today.

Sort of guessed at the oven temp to bake the wonton wrappers & looks like I was wrong there! But I wanted to combine 3 of my favorite things: curry, kale and mushrooms. If the wrappers would have been baked properly these things would have been a total success!! Very good just dipped in a little soy sauce (keeping it simple, ya know? No complicated dipping sauce necessary!).


The wonton squares are pretty small so I’ll roll them up lumpia style using eggroll wrappers next time and honestly probably skip the meat too so there’s more kale & mushrooms in each bite.



The Saffron Road red curry I used was great and I’ll definitely buy it again & again.
Saffron Road Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauce

I would love to find a good homemade recipe though so If you have one, please share!

Also, the toasted coconut fortune cookies from A Taste Of Thai are incredibly good. LOVE the texture of these over the traditional Chinese take-out ones.
A Taste of Thai Toasted Coconut Fortune Cookies, 1.4 oz.