by haikuhouse

I put the Polyvore app on my phone recently & wanted to share the two boards I put together. I’m not huge into fashion so rather than putting together my “dream outfit” I decided to create the casual look I normally wear. I love my green & yellow Pumas!


That striped shirt is $115…I could never spend that kind of money on clothes. The one I wear is from Wal-Mart & looks exactly the same!

I couldn’t find the exact red Merona shoulder bag with the clean lines that I have used for years…but that purse is gorgeous & it’s about the same shade of red as mine.

It’s not a bright red but more of a Tuscan Red & that’s why I love it so much. It goes with everything!!

My Nona actually bought it for me almost 10 years ago. Then about 2 years ago the leather strap gave in and broke.

I was heartbroken & searched all over for another red purse but couldn’t ever find another one like it. They were all just bright obnoxious shades of the color and had all these ridiculous embellishments.

Finally, I tried searching for it on Etsy and I found it!!! Same exact one & only $10! I still use it and rarely use any of my other ones. What’s the point? It’s perfect!

This bag is similar in color and style if your interested. Kattee Urban Style 3-Way Women’s Genuine Leather Shoulder Tote Bag (Red)

I also created a mood board for a bedroom that I would love to relax in.
It’s the type of peaceful environment I would create for a Bed & Breakfast or Boutique hotel.


Being still is so important for us. We all know God created the seventh day for rest, so let’s not forget to take advantage of this peaceful, relaxing & quiet time.

Have a great day,