by haikuhouse


This is a really light soup with a savory broth. The best part about it though? It’s very simple!


32oz box or can of chicken broth
2 cans of white cannelloni beans
Baby spinach
Olive oil
Sea salt
Thyme & Rosemary

I didn’t put the amount of carrots or spinach because it doesn’t really matter & it’s up to you. Cut your carrots up though into bite size pieces.

In a pot over med-high heat, pour in the chicken broth.

Drizzle some olive oil over the broth & pour a small dash of the marsala.

Add a pinch of sea salt, thyme & rosemary.

Let the broth come to a low boil then pour in both cans of beans (after you drain the liquid out of course) & the carrots.

Once the carrots are soft enough to your liking, turn the heat down & add the baby spinach. Simmer about 10 minutes.

This soup is really good with some shaved parmesan!

And now I would like to share my favorite work out dvd’s.

IMG_2376 Marisa Tomei: Core & Curves

My favorite DVD is Marisa Tomei’s Core & Curves. It comes with a small green resistance band that you incorporate into the work out. There are 3 workouts on this dvd, so if you don’t have a lot of time you can choose one of the shorter routines. I believe the shortest one is like 10 minutes. I love this video and if your consistent with it, like with any workout, you will see results quickly.

The next three videos are all fantastic & they are all from The Firm. Again you will see results quickly if you stay consistent with it.

IMG_2379The Firm: Sculpt-ilates

IMG_2378The Firm – Tight Buns & Killer Legs

IMG_2377The FIRM Total Body Time Crunch DVD

Blessings to all,