by haikuhouse

Books are one of my favorite things to look for at garage sales & thrift stores. Especially books relating to art, design, nature, and history.

I have so many great books to share that are sure to inspire some creativity!

Here is one I recently bought called ‘Creative Floral Arranging: How to Decorate with Fresh, Dried & Silk Flowers’.


By the look of some of the interior photos it’s obviously a little out dated…But even the dated books have really great information & ideas.

Luckily, florals & foliage never change through the years 😉


I’m not a florist so I don’t know all the tricks of the trade. I loved the idea of creating a grid with tape on top of the vase to create a fuller arrangement & I’m sure it just makes it easier too.


Florals are exquisite but seriously, who wouldn’t be just as happy to see a beautiful bunch of foliage?!


I love the part on making wreaths & swags. This book would be perfect for a DIY bride. These gorgeous wreaths look really easy to make yourself & this book gives thorough directions with step by step photos.

There’s a lot of other great ideas & inspiration in this book but let me leave you with my favorite part on pressing flowers!




I totally recommend this book for anyone. The first chapter lists everything you need to create these beautiful floral centerpieces, wreaths, bouquets, etc.

Creative Floral Arranging: How to Decorate with Fresh, Dried & Silk Flowers

Have a wonderful weekend…see you again in March!