by haikuhouse

I have a beautiful book to share with you today. It’s loaded with colorful Chinese watercolor artwork & techniques. It also gives directions so that one might attempt these techniques to produce these gorgeous floral works of art!!

I bought Chinese Watercolor Techniques for Exquisite Flowers a few years ago. I have not tried any of the demonstations but this book has been a great source of inspiration.

It’s one of those books that you must have on the shelf in your art studio or on your living room coffee table.

The third chapter in this book gives demonstrations on all the quintessential Chinese flowers such as the Lotus, Peony, Orchid & Magnolia. Some of my favorites though are the Iris, Coconut Tree, Banana Tree & Tomato.

So prepare to be stunned and hopefully deeply inspired by the Chinese philosophy of beauty in art & nature!

The first chapter gives you the basics on all the different tools and materials you need & how to use them.

I love, love, love the Bird Of Paradise…

…and Sunflowers too of course!

“Finally, I strongly advise watercolor artists to study Chinese painting. It will help you learn to control water, manipulate the brush, and avoid overworking.”

Hope you enjoyed,