by haikuhouse

I encourage students of Interior Design to find your own unique path. 

Don’t follow trends & magazines. 

Don’t depend on the computer to do everything for you.

Do try to see how your interests outside of design can help you be more original in your thought process.

I hope that makes sense…For example I love history, science, philosophy & music. 

Rather than the latest issue of House Beautiful, I would rather have an old dusty book in my hands on some interesting subject. 

What your interested in or not interested in will reflect in your work.

Here is a project with some more hand drafting & rendering. It was intended to be a rental hall but I envisioned it more as a music hall. 

During this project J & I were listening to a lot of Longwave.

Exterior Detail

I loved designing original furniture pieces for my projects, such as this barstool. 

Inglenook with a plaque featuring musical lyrics…My design was heavily influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement.

Stained glass doors

Rich & warm wood tones

Unfortunately, I never clearly portrayed the repurposed piano light fixture which was actually intended to be quite a focal point.

Students of design, don’t make that mistake! If you have to, keep a checklist close at hand of the pivotal elements of your design that must be clearly defined & illustrated.

Have a wonderful day,