by haikuhouse

It would make sense that our creative state can only be elevated, if our body & mind is in a healthy state.

The other night we picked up some chicken teriyaki sticks from our favorite Chinese take out & I grabbed the March issue of Health Source.

The main topic of discussion was ‘digestive wellness’.

Don’t get turned off by this because it’s an extremely important issue if we want to be happy & healthy.

Personally, I like to think of my stomach as a terranium garden. 


Trust me, it’s a prettier visual than understanding the digestive process with terms such as chyme & digestive juices.

I’m just kidding…It’s all actually very interesting to see how all our internal parts are working together to keep our bodies functioning. 

Think about this: 

While your eating lunch at 12:00 your body has just now moved that food from breakfast through the small intestine.

Your body still has anywhere from 12 to 72 hours (depending on what your consuming) to travel your breakfast through the colon.

That’s just breakfast. Now you have lunch & I’m pretty sure dinner later. So you can see how the process could easily get “clogged” up…

To stress how important a healthy diet is will be a common occurrence at Haiku House. Don’t worry though because I will back it up with some great recipes.

(I have been getting creative in the kitchen lately due to this concern)

“Scientifically, the life force that raw foods carry is known as enzymes. Enzymes live in all organically grown raw foods and can be preserved by not heating them over 118 degrees, keeping them in a more natural state.”

A raw food diet is clearly what works best with our body & our brain! Of course there is a level of discipline that goes into a raw food lifestyle but that’s where the beautiful idea of SIMPLICITY appears.


Keep it simple. Your only eating food to nourish your body anyways, so it doesn’t have to be this spectacular event 3 times a day!

Digest that.

So let’s work on creating a healthy, strong & functioning temple to the Lord who created us. 

This week will feature some artistic inspiration but let’s go ahead and just declare ‘Health & Wellness’ the key theme for the next couple of days.

Tomorrow I’m going to share with you some stuff I bought from the grocery store…Some common items & not so common but just trust me on the scary stuff!

Also this week I’m going to share an insanely healthy seafood alfredo I made last night.

Be blessed,