by haikuhouse

I hope everyone enjoyed the seashell photos from one of my favorite books.

If you want a good drawing exercise, then choose a shell & draw what you see. You could even print the image and put trace paper over it. That would easily help you get familiar with the different forms.

Study seashells because they can teach an artist a lot. The scallop shell is one of my favorite designs in nature. It’s perfect.

Now onto some of my current favorites for salad toppings or straight out of the can….

Top left: Squid in ink sauce $1.89   Bottom Left: Smoked Oysters $1.99  

Center: Herring $2.15   Right: Yellowfin Tuna $1.79

When I went to the grocery store over the weekend, my objective was to keep it pretty cheap but healthy. I was somehow reminded of the smoked oysters my dad used to eat when I was a kid…So I called him up to ask what exactly he would buy.

“I don’t remember eating oysters but I like the squid. Try the squid in ink sauce!”

I asked him a few questions about it since I have never tried ink sauce. Like what’s the texture like? Chewy like calamari?

“No, more like chicken, not chewy.”

“Is the ink sauce really fishy?”


So I grabbed the squid with its ink sauce & a can of the smoked oysters anyways. They were definitely what I remember trying a long time ago.

When I got home I opened the neat little tin can of squid and with a toothpick found a small piece to taste.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good it taste & I urge you to at least try it. Same with the oysters. I hate them at restaurants…but these are meaty & cooked. No sliminess at all. If you don’t like seafood, then you don’t like seafood…but if you eat shrimp & fish then I promise you will love these.

So what do you do with it?

I think they make a good topping for a salad or a good addition to pasta. Give it a try because they make a healthy & convenient snack too, packed with high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, low in fat & carbs.

Friday I am going to a post a creative & healthy way to use the squid in ink sauce. The black ink seems to be a culinary trend I am seeing a lot lately…

The point I am trying to get across in this post is to try new things because there are so many items in the grocery store we tend to walk  past without a second look that are cheap but still healthy.

I’m not saying that these items are the greatest thing in the world because I read that if you have high-cholesterol issues then you need to keep that in mind.

But you know…everything in moderation.

Peace & Blessings to all,