by haikuhouse

Here are some photos of my tiny seashell collection from the jobs we have worked on. The houses are built on a coquina sand fill in case your wondering why on earth would shells be on a construction site…

The real small ones range from 1/8th to 1/16th of an inch & there’s one that’s even smaller. How I even saw it is a miracle!! 

So minuscule my iPhone camera can’t really get a good focus…

The rest of these photos aren’t particularly tiny shells, just ones I have found with beautiful form & lines.

The world we live in is marvelous with things both infinitely small & infinitely big. Who knows how massive the smallest shell in my collection could have grown…

I really hope these photos instill a sense of awe & wonder in all who see them because we can relate this to our own growth as unique, beautiful & one of a kind with the potential to develope and flourish into something so magnificent! Even more so when we allow God to be the spring of life we drink from daily. 

Our Creator gave us free will to accept his love or deny it. I believe we can be extremely creative without God but think of how aesthetically cultivated our mind & thoughts can become when we fix our eyes on Him….its His world we live, move & have our being in after all.

Have a wonderful weekend,