by haikuhouse

Celebrating Pi Day was fun & now we can start the countdown to January 6th, 2018! This day will be divine..haha.

Math is extremely interesting & important but it’s the numbers I’m more fascinated with….The thought of measurement delights me more than shoes…Is something wrong with me or is this how everyone should start recognizing the world around them? Guess it’s up for debate!

Since we are (purposely) on the subject of numbers…

Why are prime numbers so comforting? Anyone emotionally agree with this?

Will we ever prove the Reimann Hypothesis…Are primes infinite?? 

What would that mean for us in the natural world if they are? Anything? Would it prove God’s existence to those who still doubt??? 

The Ramsey Theory seems very interesting…It’s a branch of math that studies the conditions under which order must appear.

That brings us to the Graham Number, which is an “astoundingly” large number…

This number’s “root” arises from the extreme addition, multiplication, and powering of threes. It’s subsequently a very big power of three, and the number itself is considerably larger than a googolplex. In fact, Graham’s number is so mindboggingly huge that it cannot be expressed using conventional notation of powers, and even powers of powers. It’s so large, that if all the material in the universe were turned into pen and ink it would not be enough to write the number down.

 I love this quote by theorist Eliezer Yudkowsky…

“Graham’s number is far beyond my ability to grasp. I can describe it, but I cannot properly appreciate it…My sense of awe when I first encountered this number was beyond words. It was the sense of looking upon something so much larger than the world inside my head that my conception of the Universe was shattered and rebuilt to fit. All theologians should face a number like that, so they can properly appreciate what they invoke by talking about the “infinite” intelligence of God.”

Hope all this makes you think & at least be inspired. Contemplate pi…infinite & non-repeating…it goes on forever with no pattern…amazing.

Peace & Blessings,