Artist Block: An Unfinished Painting

by haikuhouse

Like writers deal with writer’s block, artists can go through the same thing! Case in point, I have a beautiful painting I started as a wedding gift for a friend & her wedding passed months ago.

I should have just finished it when I first started it, but “Fine Art” can be exhausting sometimes.

What’s holding me back from finishing it? The main reason is the forefront of the painting needs wispy sea-oats, which would be the last thing I do & I really don’t want to mess it up.

So, it’s that issue I have wrote about before that I have to apply to my own life creatively as well sometimes…

Just go for it!!!!

And I will…I just need to get myself motivated.

(Photo I took of the beachfront cottage that is the subject of the painting)

If your dealing with this problem right now check out some of my boards on Pinterest…I hope they spark some sort of inspiration.

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Have a wonderful day,