Nature & Numbers

by haikuhouse

The weekend is almost here & I’m looking forward to reading a book I picked up from the library, The Man of Numbers. It’s about Leonardo “Fibonacci” Bonacci. He wrote the book, Liber Abbaci (Book of Calculations) in 1202.

If you love art, nature or math then you have most likely heard of him. 

By dividing a circle into Golden proportions, where the ratio of the arc length are equal to the Golden Ratio, we find the angle of the arcs to be 137.5 degrees. In fact, this is the angle at which adjacent leaves are positioned around the stem. This phenomenon is observed in many types of plants.

In the case of tapered pinecones or pineapples, we see a double set of spirals – one going in a clockwise direction and one in the opposite direction. When these spirals are counted, the two sets are found to be adjacent Fibonacci numbers. 

Similarly, sunflowers have a Golden Spiral seed arrangement. This provides a biological advantage because it maximizes the number of seeds that can be packed into a seed head.

We see this pattern not only in plants & flowers but all other areas in nature, architecture, music, etc….

So, Leonardo of Pisa (and probably others before him) recognized natures numbering system & understood mathematical calculations within the financial market of his time. 

The Fibonacci number sequence goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…. 

(The next number would be the sum of 21 and 34 & so on…Get it?)

I’m only on the first chapter but I will share anything I find interesting & useful. 

If your on Pinterest, search Fibonacci or Golden Section….or just Google it & read some articles.

If your an art or design student then I do recommend you try to understand it!! At least just realizing it’s all around you…grasp the beauty of it even if you don’t get it mathematically.

Hope you enjoyed more photos out of The Pressed Plant book. Got it from the library too & it’s amazing! I will be sharing more of it tomorrow.