Pretty Pressed Pansies

by haikuhouse

Last weekend, a very generous woman caught me taking photos of the back of her truck.

I couldn’t help myself…it was overflowing with little flowers of various colors & kinds!!

I asked her if the small purple flowers were pansies…

“They are miniature violas, a type of pansy…take them!”

I wish I would have got her name but the sign on her truck read Two Women And A Shovel. So if you need landscaping in the Jacksonville area, look her up!!!

All I can see, besides that perfect shade of violet, is a little mans face with a mustache…ha.

To be sure I could make these little guys last forever, I have them being pressed in a book right now.

Here is a little sneak at how they look after about 5 days.

Have you ever pressed any flowers or plants?

Have a wonderful day!