Angel Hair Pasta With Asparagus & Parmesan

by haikuhouse

Visiting my Nona always involves her making me something to eat; whether she already has it prepared or cooks it while I’m there. 

This time it was perfectly cooked asparagus mixed into angel hair pasta with parmesan.

She already had the asparagus cooked & asked me to cut each piece into three smaller peices.

Then had me grate some parmesan, while she had the angel hair cooking.

Once the pasta was done she drained the water, added the cut asparagus, a little butter & the grated parmesan into the pot.

My Nona said she broiled her asparagus in the oven with just a little lemon juice, olive oil & sea salt….The flavor is out of this world. Don’t be afraid to get them nice and browned up.

She also instructed me to leave a tiny bit of the pasta water in the pot. 

You can just see from the first photo how good it looks…so you can either imagine how it taste or just go on & make it yourself!!