An Unearthed Pattern

by haikuhouse

Last week our job took us to a really neat spot in historic St. Augustine. 

We were really close to the San Sebastián Winery & St. Augustine Distillery. 

The house that was across the narrow road from us had a historical marker sign explaining the activist life of the original owners. The guy was also an alligator wrestler at The Alligator Farm many moons ago…

So the house we worked on was new construction…a modern & tall take on the ever beautiful Craftsman style. 

We found that peice of pottery in the dirt while setting up ladders to get the last gable finished.

The location was an inspiring place to be for the two days we were there. I love that we are so close to St. Augustine…So much history.

On the next house J spotted the butterfly wing for me. Beautiful!

Hope you had a great weekend…Got some great stuff to share this week!

Peace & Blessings to all,