My Republican Grandmother: Proud To Be An American

by haikuhouse

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” -Oscar Wilde

My grandmother Dosa Marie, pictured above, was the light in my young life. I shared the front seat with her numerous times driving to and from Missouri….She loved big band music & introduced me to Al Jolson. 

It was her who instilled in me culture & the drive to learn. 

I’m saddened & honestly very angry at the poor environment children are being succumbed to today. 

Stop this madness of introducing disgusting perverseness to these delicate minds!!! 

Let them be children full of wonder & crazy out-of-the-box theory’s on why the sky is blue!

To the teacher in Maine, who read the “transgender” book to 7-year-olds….Shame on you for pushing your agenda on those kids. Shame on you for filling their minds with confusion!  

I understand teaching tolerance & acceptance…but creating confusion is unacceptable. Boys are boys & girls are girls. End of story! 

Jesus loves us all and we are to do the same…But there is a line that is being crossed & it’s a big deal that is shaping our future!

There is a time for peace & a time to fight. My nieces & nephews are precious to me…YOUR children are precious to me. 

Dosa Marie wouldn’t sit there & allow her America to crumble….Neither will I & neither should you.

Be blessed & be praying for our country.