Color Inspiration For Mother’s Day

by haikuhouse

So here is a frugal & thoughtful gift idea…Create a custom nail polish shade for your mother. 

Go to the one of those places where everything cost $1 & get the following:

Clear Nail Polish…This will end up being the custome shade you make for her.

Eyeshadow… Try a solid color, multi color, or ombré color palette. Mix it up.

Colored Nail Polish…This is optional & it’s best to just use something you already have at home. I think most of us have at least 3 shades of polish in our bathroom!

Be really careful & prep the area where you will be creating this divine shade for the woman who gave you life.

I almost made a huge mess so don’t just jump right into this. Have some paper towels, a place to set the wet polish brush down, etc.

Open your clear polish, set the brush down & begin added the eyeshadow color into the clear.

Take your time or again, you will have a mess on your hands.

Every once in awhile, close it up & shake it so you can see the new beautiful color you created.

When I tried this out the other day, I just used what I had on hand.

I was surprised that I had to use quite a bit of the eyeshadow to even notice a hint of it in the light taupe ‘Sand Storm’ polish. 

Since your using a clear polish, this shouldn’t be an issue.

So if you still don’t think the color is perfect after mixing the eyeshadow…add a drop or two of colored polish.

You can see on my thumb nail the taupe polish with green eyeshadow. Not as green as I thought it would be. The rest of my nails are after I added the ‘Coral Silk’.

I love the bright color but I really love this muted taupe-y pink.

If you can, try to make a handmade label for your polish & give it a custom name that would be meaningful for your mother.

Have fun & don’t make a mess!

Be blessed,