Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt

by haikuhouse

The job we are currently working on is a place in time & space where we’re defintely meant to be! 

This is exactly what happens when you trust God..When you put your life into his hands…Your life becomes full of grace & bountiful beauty!!!

God gives his loving confirmation to me personally through the flowers. He is so good to those who surrender to his will. It’s not being weak. It’s not being naive. Oh no…I pray you listen to what I say because as there is joy & light there is most certainly a tormenting darkness that I want no one to endure. 

Look around you and turn the news on for 5 seconds…you think that’s bad? Turn away from the sleazy, instigating media & turn your face towards God. Pray for your brothers & sisters who are really feeling the forces of evil at work.

Peace & blessings to all,