Cinnamon-Honey & Beet Juice Granita

by haikuhouse

Thirty is inching up on me & I’m completely embracing the aging process. It’s defintely an attitude & a laid back composure that says “I’m just getting better with time” that you gotta have. 

An aching back & the certain ailments do concern me though…So I am making every attemp to slow down the entropy of this earthly body.

One way I’m doing this is being very cautious with my diet. Not to the point of obsession at all, but just using common sense & keeping it sort of “paleo” to an extent. 

Lots of my favorites: kale (dark green), sweet potatoe (orange) & beets (deep red). 

Right now my local supermarket has 4 cans of beets for $3. So when I went to open the first can I poured the beet juice into little tray & thought it would be good as a granita…an Italian frozen flavored ice. 

You won’t ever come by Haiku House & see a really complex recipe by me, because it’s all about simplicity in my kitchen. 

Heat up 2 tablespoons of honey in the microwave then add some cinnamon.

Pour the cinnamon- honey into the beet juice & stir it really well. 

That’s it! Now just put it in the freezer & check on it occasionally. As it starts to freeze take a fork to scrape it into it’s icy form. You don’t want a solid block of beet juice.

The honey/beet flavor is really nice. The color is absolutely stunning & it’s such a satisfying dessert. 

I put some vanilla yogurt on top & that was defintely the right way to go with it.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had some beet pieces dehydrating…well it was a disaster as far as the flavor goes. I went with a curry-bbq concoction of just curry powder & bbq sauce. 

I didn’t like it at all & figured the beets would have tasted better just all on their own. So next time I will do plain beets & a sweet version, basting them with a simple syrup made from coconut sugar.

Try the granita & reap the benefits of beets.

Peace & many blessings,