Italian Herb & Lemon Kale

by haikuhouse

That last photo shows the kale after being baked in the oven…”kale chips”. However, this post will just be how to do a quick sauté, because honestly I don’t remember the temp I put the oven on! I’m pretty sure it was 400 & baked for 10 minutes. So try it if you want, because they were excellent.

The herb blend I chose is full-flavored & savory. I will have a photo below to show you exactly what I used…It’s McCormicks ‘Lemon Pepper’ seasoning with the ‘Italian Herb’ seasoning grinder. I’m telling you, it goes perfectly with this beautiful dark, leafy green.

Here’s what you do:

Turn the heat up to medium-high & pour in enough olive oil to almost coat the bottom of your pan. 

Remove the leafy parts off the stalk & tear into a few peices. Rinse it really well in a colander & let it drain. 

Make sure the kale is dried off well or else your oil will vehemently spark & smoke if any water drops in.

Once the kale is in the pan, stir it around with a fork & get it all coated with the olive oil.

This is where you add the herb seasonings & I suggest you play around with the amount since your palette is different from mine. 

I don’t like real salty food so luckily both seasonings aren’t oversalted. It’s really just a bunch of herbs & lemon flavor.

Take it off the stove as soon as it’s all evenly wilted. You don’t want to cook the heck out of it.

This dish is good alone or as a side. I really like putting it on top of a baked sweet potato….Shave a little parmesan & yum!!

I love sharing what I cook with you so we will hang out in the kitchen again soon….Tomorrow I’m taking you on a little nature trip to the house addition we worked on the other day.

It’s so exciting to be in a new place all the time. I always have to take a break or two to explore my surroundings & it’s amazing what you see when you stop to look.

Stay healthy & cook kale!