DIY: Matting A Photo To Frame

by haikuhouse


The photo of your choice 

Dollar Store frame (a smaller frame will be easier, just make sure your photo will fit)

Razor knife (you want a new, sharp blade to get a clean cut)

Matte board in your choice of color

Measuring tape or ruler

Nail file

Cutting mat 

Pencil or pen

Glue (optional)

Step 1: Take the back of the frame off & carefully put the front of the frame with the glass aside.  

Step 2: On the backside of the matting board place the frame-back on top like I have done in the photo above. 

Step 3: Trace around the two edges that need to be cut. 

Step 4: With your razor knife, carefully & slowly score the matting about two times. Use the frame backing as a straight edge. After two scores, give it a couple more, but this time be more firm. You will be able to tell when the razor has gone all the way through. Repeat this on the other side.

Step 5: Choose the measurement for your matting border. You will use this same measurement all the way around. Make tiny notches on the left & right side of all four sides. This will help you make a straight line for the next step. (Take your time here because I have done this a lot & still mess up…You can’t really tell but I actually messed up on mine! See what I mean??) 

Step 6: Now with a ruler, or the frame backing, use the notches that you made in order to make a straight line on all four sides. 

Step 7: Use the ruler or the frame backing as a straight edge to cut out the center rectangle you just created. If the inside edges aren’t as smooth as you hoped for, try again. If it’s not that bad you can smooth it out with a nail file. If you used a sharp new blade then it should look pretty good.

Step 8: Place the border you just made inside your frame, then your photo & finally the back piece.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial on matting. Now you can beautifully frame all sorts of things!! 

Peace & Blessings,