A Family Tree Can Wither If No One Tends To Its Roots

by haikuhouse

 I know my grandmother, Dosa, was part Cherokee. She was so proud of this & had floor-to-ceiling, built-in shelves that displayed her Native American heritage.

The sad truth is that, being born in the mid 80’s, I was a child of the 90’s. A tasteless decade. So there was more attention towards technology & acceptance on my part. 
 (A painting of my grandmother as a little girl)

I can’t let myself feel sorry for the wasted opportunities; where I could have talked with her about our family history more….but I look on the bright side & believe there’s an exciting opportunity here to explore my past with what she has left behind. Mostly books & artwork that she had commissioned. 

One great memory I have is a Geology Museum she took me to either in Missouri, or somewhere along the way. So I’m grateful because my interest in this NOW, is because of her!  
 Same thing with pressing all these flowers. I told my sister about a dream I had, which I will share in a moment. She said she remembers our grandmother pressing flowers & that even our Uncle Ben, who is from Missouri too, would press them. My sister said she would find little flowers between the pages of books.
In my dream…I received some boxes at my doorstep. Although I only went through the contents of one box, I think there were two other unopened boxes. 
Inside there were little nicely framed, hand-pressed flowers, like the ones I have been making…Also beautiful stones & rocks, like the ones I have been collecting. 

At this point, I’m wondering where this stuff came from & more importantly from WHO?

Other contents in this brown box were miscellaneous pictures that I knew were there but couldn’t make out. I remember going to YouTube or something like it, to research the photos. There were many comments, like you would see on YouTube, ALL by people with the last name Davis.

That was my grandmothers maiden name.

So I woke up, shared my dream with J & haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. 
I have to get to the bottom of this. Not trying to understand the dream because, well, I’m not into that sort of thing.
I have to figure out her past, which makes it my past too. Our roots, ancestry, however you want to put it. There is a tugging, pulling me back in time. 
So between all the flower pressing, healthy recipes & whatnot…I would like to use Haiku House to dig into my genealogy & document it here.

Right now I’m reading ‘Trail Of Tears: The Rise & Fall Of The Cherokee Nation’ by John Ehle. It was, of course, my grandmothers.

My grandparents were VERY special & unique people. I’m so excited to see what gets unearthed. 


Anyone out there familiar with an artist named Dan Henson? I believe he may be from the Phillipines. My grandparents had some interesting artwork done by him & I can’t wait to share it here.
Peace & blessings to all,