There Are Always Flowers For Those Who Want To See Them

by haikuhouse

The title is a quote by the French artist, Henri Matisse. It has such a positive vibe & so much truth. Like most days this month, I woke up Sunday morning & drove down the road for a Panera iced coffee. I received an email notification a few weeks ago letting me know that my Panera card is giving me a free coffee every day this month! 

So the morning sunlight was hazy & golden as I was driving back home. I decided to stop at the Holiday’s Nursery flower sale they had set up on the side of the road….I’ve never stopped at one of these & felt that it was the perfect time to do so.

My intentions were to look around & take some photos. 

It was still pretty early, so no one was there. It makes me wonder how they keep the gardening thieves away when they have all those flowers temptingly laid out in the open like that? 

Gardeners must truly be wonderful people.

The first thing I noticed was the flowers & buds that had fallen off their stems, laying all over the ground. I went back to my car to fetch the little basket I had in my backseat. 

It was such a beautiful Sunday morning…gathering perfectly good flowers that may have just been thrown away. You probably know what I was thinking & I know what your thinking as well…She spent the rest of the morning pressing those flowers.

You bet. Not only that, I was so grateful, happy & inspired that I tried my best at hand-lettering with watercolor and using the flowers to create some ‘Haiku House’ imagery. 

 Enjoy the photos & let me know which one you like best, because I can’t decide! And thank you so much Holiday’s, I hope you don’t mind…  


       How pretty is this dragonfly? Found it later that day on the sidewalk. 

Peace & many blessing to all,