A Welcoming Home & Some Interior Close-Ups

by haikuhouse

 The Home itself is a tool for enrichment & cultivation…Now that I am older I realize how much my environment has helped shaped me. This applies to all of us.

That photo above is the foyer of my grandparents house in Atlantic Beach. (My grandma took the photo!) If those doors were open, you would see a beautiful, old little beach cottage across the street.

…Going out the back door, I was steps away from the Atlantic Ocean. 

I really miss this home, but mostly I miss the people that lived there!

There are more photos of this house I will share. In the meantime, here is a photo of my little foyer, with some close-up interior details.  Our plant was outside the door, but I wanted to bring it inside.  The other side of the front door… 

 Are those little white dots spider eggs?? I’m not sure if it’s that, or mold spots from the fern drying up? It looks so pretty & dramatic so I’m leaving it. 

Objects of nature…

I mentioned that I wanted to document the unearthing of my roots on Haiku House…Well I reached out to my Uncle, who is also my god-father, & asked him about the paintings by Dan Henson. He remembered both the name & the paintings, so I can’t wait to share what he has to say about it!!

Have a beautiful day & God bless,