Welcome To June

by haikuhouse

  June is here & I’m happy to see this ‘Tulips’ tile for the next 29 days.

Tomorrow I’m going to share the painting I’ve been talking about by Dan Henson.

It’s called ‘Man With The Golden Helmet’…It’s actually a Rembrandt that my grandmother had Mr. Henson paint for her & my grandfather.

Also, something I haven’t mentioned yet but I’m constantly thinking about is the wall mural paintings found in William Morris’s Red House in London a few years ago. I want to talk about this in the next day or two.

Why? Well, two separate & unrelated interests are beginning to have connections. Synchronicity? 

My grandfather gave me a box full of books shortly before he died & most of them were my grandmothers. I have looked at most of them so far but haven’t actually looked into them yet. 

That book in the above photo is ‘The Oxford Book Of English Verse’. You know who’s writings you will find inside? William Morris, Rossetti & Ruskin…Just to name a few. 

Morris & Rossetti were friends…They are two out of the few others that were involved in the Red House mural paintings.

There are some great verses & poetry in this book that I will be sharing as well. 

So in the meantime, let’s just get through the first day of this new month, shall we?

Peace & blessings to all,