War & Peace In A Beautiful Wooden Frame

by haikuhouse

 My grandmother was very active in politics & campaigned for the Republican candidates. 

Throughout elementary school, she would pick us up from school (my sister & I), then we would go back to her campaigning office to do our homework or wave signs on the sidewalk.  So this painting…I had no idea it was a Rembrandt! My imagination was making me think (hoping) it was a relative from long ago. 

My uncle Jeff, the 2nd son of three, was able to tell me the name of it & I immediately googled Man With A Golden Helmet….

From what I keep reading, it may not be a Rembrandt at all. They think it was actually painted in 1650 by one of the Dutch master’s students. The only interpretation I have been able to find is this: 

“In terms of content ‘The Man with the Golden Helmet‘ could be interpreted as representing Mars, the god of war, as a magnificent shining helmet had long been seen as his attribute. This theme was often taken up by painter’s in Rembrandt’s circle. The self-absorbed expression on the subject’s face has also been linked with the motif of the sleeping Mars, symbolizing silent weapons, and thus peace.”

This makes so much sense to me now as to why my grandmother would want this painting. 

My grandfather had his family stationed in the Philippines when they commissioned Mr. Henson to paint Man With A Golden Helmet, so that was over 40 years ago…

 Mystery solved!

Have a wonderful day,