Knowledge, Sound & Truth

by haikuhouse

My godfather thought that this painting was another Dan Henson, but it’s not & he isn’t sure of the artist.

The signature, I believe, reads:  O.S. Yabut (with what looks like an ‘R’ at the end & definetly ‘RP’ below it)

Anyone ever seen this painting before or heard of the artist? 

 I love the little details, like on the book spines & the content of the painting as a whole…It really speaks to me.

Is this just another copy of a “greater” artist, like The Man With A Golden Helmet?? It’s defintely not a reproduction, so I know that my grandparents were so drawn to this subject, they wanted someone to paint it for them.

Here’s a closer look… 

     Love the pale yellow & turquoise in the candlestick. 

     Any help on this one would be great!!

Peace & blessings to all,