England, Where The Red House Stands

by haikuhouse

My fascination with the Arts & Crafts Period was a love at first sight sort of thing…I’m actually starting to experiment with my own wallpaper & textile designs! 

Having been submersed into Nature for over a year now, I realize there is still so much to learn from it…For the rest of my life, no doubt. I can absolutely see the connection of Mathematics & Nature to Architecture & Design…Praise God for the compelling & complex beauty of this world, created for us, by Him!  My next piece…I love this arrangement! Still need to cut some matting to size & assemble it. 

A few years ago, I would read every quote I could find by William Morris & bought a few books by John Ruskin. I will tell you about these books & things over time. Sooner than later though, I assure you. 

If your living in the same world as me right Now, this period of art & ideas might seem uncool or boring to you…Being caught up in the futuristic glitz of modern glamour & all. 

I hope I’m wrong though, so if the following images move you in the slightest bit, take note. It’s not wrong or uncool staying behind & not following everyone else towards the ideal “future” model.

Design students…If you think Frank Lloyd Wright is great, then look to Louis Sullivan. I’m not saying Morris, Ruskin or Sullivan are the smartest guys in the world…It’s more like taking lessons from a teacher then taking that knowledge & applying it to your own life. 

Anyways…Here are some plans I found  of the Red House, built by Phillip Webb.  Beautiful drawings, right? 

 Phillip Webb was a major contributor to the Gothic Revival movement in England.    Some exterior photos I was able to find on Pinterest. An inspiring place to say the least…

Here is an interior shot: 

 And I leave you with the recently uncovered wall mural painting by William, Jane & friends… 

 I haven’t been able to find any real recent follow ups on this subject, unfortunately. But you can read a good article about it here, where you’ll also find more beautiful photos.

Read more about the Red House & share any thoughts/comments you have.

Peace & blessings to all,