The Home Book Of Modern Verse

by haikuhouse

  This is another book that belonged to my grandmother with many wonderful poems. That picture is the first house I lived in; Two blocks from the ocean. Inside, the decor had an Orient flare, with pieces I’m assuming from the Phillipines. I have photos & I will show them on Haiku House because that was my first experience within a designed living environment. Fortunately, it made a good lasting impression. 

Now back to the book!

I love the way they poetically describe nature, the heavens & planetary objects. Just beautifully descriptive…Can’t wait to share them.

Today though, I hope you enjoy the poem Spring Market by Louise Driscoll. 


                     Spring Market

           It’s foolish to bring money

                To any spring wood,

            Jewels won’t help you,

                Gold’s no good.

            Silver won’t buy you

                 One small leaf.

            You may bring joy here,

                  You may bring grief.

             You should look for

                   Tufted moss,

             Marked where a light foot

                    Ran across.

             Where the old rose hips

                   Shrivel brown

             And dried clematis

                  Bloom hangs down.

            There you’ll find what

                 Everyman needs,

            Wild religion

                 Without any creeds.

            Green that lifts its

                 Blossoming head,

           New life springing 

                 Among the dead.

           You needn’t bring money 

                To this market place,

           Or think you can bargain for

                Wild flower grace.