Bright Pink Flowers & Marshland Birds

by haikuhouse

I want to share some photos of the wild, brightly colored flowers randomly growing at the back of the jobsite.

Seeing these little beauties make it easy to forget about the 90+ degree heat that bears down on us until the coolness of the evening drifts in. 

When I say they are randomly placed, let me give you a better description:

Coming into this new community, there is one house completed & one house almost there, which is the one we are on.

To the left of this house, there have been crews laying piping before the foundation gets poured. 

On our right is nothing but open field with a lake at the end of road. We are surrounded by lots of trees & in the evening when we load up, like clockwork, we hear the calls of a peacock. Yes. For sure a peacock.

So it’s pretty desolate still but soon there will be homes lined up & down the road with Spanish tile roofs.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed these flowers behind the lot we are working on! Do the other people notice? Do they care? 

  I suppose where they came from doesn’t really matter. They are there & I thank God for giving us this vision of color.

They don’t appear anywhere else along the fence so I love to believe this is something special. Like our Fathers hand on our shoulder, acknowledging we are on the right path.

People, look up & acknowledge Him. He is waiting to show you things…seen & unseen. Let the future of this blog be the proof. Let there be less of me & more of Him! 

      Towards the end of the day, J had a repair to do a few minutes away. That’s where we saw the birds…Herons or egrets. Maybe both…Not sure. 

 If anyone can identify the flowers I would love to know. Especially those little white ones. They are perfect for pressing.

Hope your week has been a good one so far.
Peace & Blessings to all,