‘The Last American’ by J.A.Mitchell 1902 Edition

by haikuhouse

 This is defintely the most beautiful book in my collection…I mean, just look at it!

It was a gift from the owner of The Bungalow in Jacksonville Beach & I am extremely grateful to have it.

“First published in 1889, it is the fictional journal of a Persian admiral named Khan-Li, who rediscovers America in 2951 by sailing across the Atlantic. The world has been devastated, and North America virtually wiped out by climatic changes, which had later reversed themselves. Civilization there was just beginning to recover technologically (to the level of 1889).”

Today I want to share some of the great illustrations inside & a few pages of reading. 

Hope you enjoy & here we go… 

 Dimph-Yoo-Chur…Dim Future. Get it?  

           “Here’s truth. ‘T is a bitter pill but good physic”