The Spirit’s Grace

by haikuhouse

The flowers above are from the job that took a whole week to complete. It was a beast but there is the proof & evidence of beauty in the midst of it all. Not to mention the peacocks we saw roaming around! I love how J “arranged” the flowers in the Daltile cardboard box, don’t you? I was going to transplant them into individual containers but I like them too much how they are.

The other night while reading out of The Home Book Of Modern Verse, I came across a poem titled The Spirit’s Grace & it’s goes beautifully with what I have been trying to get across.

Thank you Grandmother for cherishing things like this to pass down to your grandchildren…

The Spirit’s Grace

More brightly must my spirit shine

Since grace of beauty is not mine;

As shaded light and converse wise

Fill with a wondering surprise 

The weary traveler seeking late

A lodging at some cottage gate—

So would I that my Spirit’s grace

Should beautify it’s dwelling place.

   -Janie Screven Heyward

Peace & blessings to all,