Sadie’s First Flowers 

by haikuhouse

  [DIY paper: I like to collect stamps & use them on plain paper for gift wrapping.]

I‘m really looking forward to the birth of my cousins baby, Sadie. 

The first photo is a piece I made for her first living environment!


Before we go any further, I think I should make a sort of disclaimer statement in defense of my passion for the real reality of design & our environment…

The other day I was reading some reviews on a book I was reading titled ‘On Art & Life‘ & got a good little laugh.

John Ruskin is the author of the essays & he takes the two subjects of art & life, reeeally seriously. 

So this is what someone wrote & I think they were referring to Ruskin’s book ‘The Stones Of Venice‘.

“In the first chapter I felt that John Ruskin and I were not destined to become fast friends. By page 81 I was consumed with the desire to punch him in the face. I cannot stand to finish this. The pomposity overwhelms me.”


Other words for pomposity are certain behavioral traits such as arrogance, overconfidence, false front, conceitedness & egotism.

It’s an exaggerated self-opinion.  

So, if I ever come off as seeming somewhat pompous with an exaggerated self-opinion, please don’t feel the desire to punch me in the face. 

I totally understand why the urge may creep up on you to feel this way, but can I just say in my defense & I think I may speak for John Ruskin too, it’s just a passion for the sake of others.

It’s wanting to see the ultimate good bestowed on everyone. Sophistication for all.

With that said, let’s get back to Sadie.

I already know what a little sweetpea she is going to be! 

Her parents have a beautiful home with a lush backyard. The interior is clean, organized, & very welcoming. It’s a rustic, natutical blend with a feminine touch. 

At the baby shower I noticed books on fishing, boating & marine life…

These things, Sadie will eventually notice one day.

The best part is their backyard. It’s paradise. Tree canopies & colossal, tropical greenery. 

She hasn’t made it into this world yet, but she is already blessed & ahead of some simply because of the environment she is being born into.

Of course, her parents are wonderful too!!

How can you enrich your little ones environment? 

Peace & Blessings to ALL,