“To Believe In Something & Not Live It, Is Dishonest”

by haikuhouse

 Red, White & Blue: The Dominate Colors In My Life Right Now

Remember this post I recently wrote with photos of those blinding bright pink flowers on that huge job?

Well in that post I wrote that this blog would be the proof that God is waiting to show you (and I) amazing & wonderful things.

Call it synchronicity if you want, but I know that God uses Nature & situations to speak to us. He has done this for ages! 

So, tomorrow I will have a post with some photos of the environment surrounding us right now on our current job.

But today, here is something meaningful that made me smile & realize how real the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father is …The trim guy working on the house next to us works for ‘H&H Interior Trim’. HH!

***If your in the Jacksonville area, I recommend them. I personally checked out the work & it’s quality; Not just slapped on! Now if we could just get the framers to take an additional 5 minutes to do things correctly we’d have a real fine house!***

I want to wait until tomorrow to share another huge coincidence…And I totally understand if you scoff & blow this off as nothing but I have made it my mission to share these sort of things to show you how much God loves us & wants to connect with us.

Really, what’s more meaningful then that? It’s something we can ALL have. That’s incredible.

Much peace to all,