Beauty & Truth Revealed One Day At A Time

by haikuhouse

Welcome To July

The day we picked up our material for this job was the first indicator that this place would be special. We would be working in Oxford Manor.

Let’s go back not even a few weeks ago. 

I was explaining how two separate interest were beginning to relate to each other; The Red House in England where William Morris lived & the books my grandfather gave me before he died. 

William Morris spent time at Oxford & my grandparents had ‘The Oxford Book Of English Verse‘! 

There’s actually some poetry in the book by William Morris & John Ruskin. Nothing real amazing unfortunantly, but still very cool considering my grandmother probably had this book since I was a kid, with no idea that I would eventually study Interior Design.

So what’s the point here? Why does it sound like I’m talking about myself so much when I recently made it clear this blog would be less of me & more of Him?

God uses those who surrender there life to Him, which I have done, with no apologizes or regrets. So in a way instead of giving you a one time Testimony, I want to share with you daily the things I experience within this Divine Relationship.

This is the Creator of the Universe we are talking about here! Evolution is a complete lie. You did not evolve from a chimp. Science itself is proving it wrong every day! (Check out any of the Kent Hovind videos on YouTube) 

You were personally handcrafted by a God that loves & thinks about you. 

A life lived to help glorify the Lord & do His will is more desirable than anything else once you get deep into the truth. You uncover more beauty every single day. In the physical world & the spiritual. 

Every day is exciting & brand new.

So to be working in Oxford Manor is very significant for me personally, at this point in time. 

What does this mean for you?? 

Well, God made you so completely different from me & everyone else so who knows what sort of amazing relationship you two will have! He knows you better than you know yourself…Knows what your passionate about deep down. What makes you, you. I just want to be living proof for you to see that this is truly real.

Here are some photos of the surrounding area in the back of the house. As beautiful as it looks, I believe the real blessing is the house this time. It’s pretty much the framing with insulation; no interior walls yet. Sometimes the job we are on will have the walls, trim & cabinetry already there.  

  It’s a very different atmosphere though being inside a house at this stage. Seeing the inner workings of it…Different measurents scrawled all over the place by the hands of different trades. It literally feels like being in another dimension.   My father is a carpenter, so maybe that’s why I feel completely in my element in this sort of environment.  

Building is so important in any culture so I certainly feel privileged with the knowledge I am gaining…J is an excellent mentor! 

What’s your passion???

I pray you will find the courage to step off the road well traveled & find your own path. 
Peace & many blessing to you,