Creating A Place Of Order & Enlightenment

by haikuhouse

 Our great country America & my Italian Nona share the same birthday, so I have two important occasions worth celebrating this weekend. 

Thank you ‘G’, for grey skies & heavy rains yesterday. I used the free time to start setting up a room for Bug…My 9 year old niece who has a passion for storytelling, art, science, dinosaurs & wolves!

***Check out the MOSH for the ‘Unearthed Dinosaur’ Exhibit going on until September***

In the midst of making neater piles out of disordered papers & miscellaneous things, I uncovered the vintage, never-been-used, Winsor & Newton oil paint set J’s amazing sister gave me one year for Christmas. 

In our townhouse, there is a loft that seperates the two bedrooms on the second floor. I’ve dreamed of the loft becoming my library/office for quite some time & speaking of time, it’s here. 

Right now, it’s more of a storage unit with books, an heirloom antique sofa from J’s family, an Ethan Allen loveseat that belonged to my grandparents, glass coffee table, boxes of stuff & my glass dining room table! 

So this is always a challenge for anyone…

There is a great focus on minimalism today & I certainly agree with the philosophy of living with as little as possible. 

However, when you have a love for history, books & art…There is only a certain degree of minimalism you can achieve! I’m mostly working towards order.

  The plan is to clear out the loft & set up an inspirational learning & creative nurturing space for my Bug in the extra bedroom.

By the way…I mention John Ruskin & William Morris frequently because their views on art, industry & economics are invigorating. Click on their last name to view a short video called ‘POLITICAL THEORY‘ by The School Of Life channel on Youtube. 

Have a great 4th of July weekend & think on what it means to have this beautiful thing called ‘Independence’. 

It’s something we need to always & continually fight for.

God, please, bless America for those who still love her.