Changing The Place Of Things

by haikuhouse

 J is quick & efficient at getting the job done when it comes to pretty much anything.

Some great advice he gave me the other day when it comes to rearranging household furniture & things, is to have a third room or space to stow items that need to be out of the way while your moving.

I was feeling overwhelmed but it made it a lot less daunting. There is still so much to do but I’m looking forward to it!

So I rearranged our master bedroom over the weekend & it looks great. Perfect for when we put the place on the market & have family over in the meantime. 

I’m using two smaller armchairs in place of bedside tables.  It functions for the time being & keeps two peices of furniture out of other rooms.

The room has a great big window overlooking the water fountain & the cypress tree, which has grown so much in the last few years. It’s so peaceful & gets amazing morning sunlight.

My main challenge will be deciding on what artwork to hang & dressing the window. That will be fun…can’t wait to share the finished room. 

Have a wonderful week,

-Haiku House