Capturing The Process

by haikuhouse

 You know what happens when you continually trust God? He gives you exceedingly more than you could ask for…but that’s not the reason you trust him; He is your Heavenly Father & you trust him as a child, who blindly depends on parents to do what’s best.

I recently had the opportunity to be one of the first applicants for a popular & trendy Architecture/Design firm working as a computer draftsman.

Probably a dream job for some…I even considered it for a few days but it didn’t feel like the right place for me. 
I let this one pass like the others…Because I knew if I just kept still & worked hard in the meantime, the right opportunity would come.

Patricia, the woman who gave me the heads up on the Trendy Firm position, was a great instructor of mine in college.

She is also an Architect & Interior Designer herself…So the other day when she asked me to help her measure a job I was elated!

 It was the (paid!) opportunity I had been waiting for.

So yesterday I met Patricia & we measured a section of the house that will be remodeled. It was an awesome experience & I really hope I get to work with her again.

In the meantime, J & I have our Soffit/Fascia company, which is such a rich learning environment for me. 

We are working on a nice concrete block bungalow in St. Augustine & I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow the beautiful treasures we found in the dirt.

Have a very blessed day ,