The Art Of Nature

by haikuhouse

 The form of the flower, when pressed correctly, gives it so much depth & character… This form of art has become one of my favorite ways to create.

If you ever get the chance, look at these beauties under a magnifying glass…So much stunning detail.

I keep a book under the passenger seat in our work truck with little flowers from the different locations we’ve been.

I took it out this morning so I could start filling it back up again. 

  How amazing is this Cicada? It’s beautiful! 

Being out in nature has presented me with an amazing & fast growing bug collection. All the insects I find are already bereft of life…It makes the collection more natural & I wouldn’t want to kill a poor little creature anyways. I have so many wonderful pressed specimens just waiting to deck the walls with natural beauty.

Have you tried pressing anything yet? A flower? Leaf?

Peace to all,