Love, Art & Psychology 

by haikuhouse

 Our minds are really powerful & from what I have observed there are forces trying to extinguish the brightness & good behavior of our children.

Those ‘Minion’ movies? Totally disgusting & aesthetically numb. 

Come on & wake up parents….I mean you don’t want to watch that movie yourself right?…..Right?

Go look up ‘minion‘ in the dictionary & see how it coincides within the context of the current economic, political & global shenanigans…There is a war on for you & your children’s mind.  

I wanted to do a little experiment with my niece using art, to see how well she could follow written directions.

No major breakthroughs but it was a fun way to see how she thinks.

The first thing I wanted to do, since I wouldn’t be there with her, was to make the presentation of the letter look beautiful & important.  

I folded the letter horizontally, folding the bottom up first, then the top. 

Then I neatly wrapped the college lined notebook paper letter in lemon yellow tissue paper.

Around the wispy tissue paper, heavy brown kraft paper.

Finally, I used one of my favorite stamps to “mark” a beautiful symbol to indicate the front of the handmade envelope.

The letter had the typical 29 year old aunt & 8 year old niece gab but I also wrote down directions on what I wanted her to do. 

I’m pretty sure I was sort of up front with her about what I was doing, for the most part…

So first,

1. She was to draw a miniture self-portrait of herself on the small tiny square canvas I gave her & use her Favorite Color for her hair. (I started seeing this color everywhere afterwards!)

2. I included a blank, bookmark sized, piece of matting & a second one with a design consisting of a geometric inspired pattern that I drew on it.

She was to make a copy of the design on her blank bookmark. 

I have this bookmark in a book somewhere, I just don’t remember what book! I will look for it though…

Anyways, there were more directions on how I wanted her to color it…Which she sort of broke the rules on. But that was a good thing! I was happy to see that she didn’t totally follow her Aunt’s Directions A.K.A The Rules to express herself with art. 

Another observation I made was that it didn’t state in the rules/directions to write any sort of Greeting, such as “Hi”. 

I’m also interested in how she drew her neck…Or is that two very simplified limbs? 

I mean I could try to interpret this little self portrait of my Bug for half an hour…but how deep of a meaning could there be from a now 9 year old?

That’s my question, I suppose.

What’s going on their brains these days? What are they thinking? Do they realize their potential or is it normal now to be a minion?

Other words for minion include:







I pray you help your children grow to be less of a stooge & more of an intelligent, bright human being.
Peace & blessings to all,