Celadon Green

by haikuhouse

Celadon: (1) any of several Chinese porcelains having a translucent, pale green glaze. (2) a pale gray-greenThe color of succulents…A serene shade that would be a lovely, calming color, splashed on the walls of any room. 

I love this color right now & envision baked clay tiles in a matte celadon green for my kitchen backsplash.

See, I come from the same school of thought as William Morris…Why should I buy really high end tile when I can make them with my own hands. 

I’m pretty sure it’s not the easiest thing to do but it can be done. 

Take my kitchen for example, there’s not a lot of area to cover so it wouldn’t take that many pieces of tile…Certainly a good bit, but nothing like trying to tile a bathroom.

It just takes some thought, preparation, organization & the right attitude.

Most importantly, taking your time & not rushing the process, which is something we can apply to so many other things in life…

I found this amazing short film that gives you an intimate glimpse inside Lubna Chowdhary’s studio. From what I gathered, she makes pretty much everything herself, including furniture. This video shows her working with clay & glazing. I highly recommend watching it!

Peace & blessings to all,