Miso & Seaweed 

by haikuhouse

 Like me, you’ve probably read somewhere that kelp is rich in vitamins, nutrients & minerals.

But maybe eating seaweed, or kelp seems totally foreign to you?  

Maybe you’ve only had it wrapped around a sushi roll.

Regardless, I really love this stuff & I highly recommend it. A box with 4 packets will cost you about $5.

One packet has 2 servings though & all you do is add 8oz of hot water. 

I love a good soup or broth I can sip from a cup & this is now my go-to. They actually have a Miso-Cup traveling mug I want to get.

Like yogurt, miso is considered a living food.

It was created by the ancient Chinese & it was later brought to Japan where it evolved into the soup we have today.

Check out the other Edward & Sons products!

As always, whenever I try something new that is good & healthy, I will share it here.

Annie Chun’s seaweed snacks are also very good! If you like a little heat, the wasabi flavor is excellent. If not, try the sesame seaweed.

Do you know of any good kelp recipes?

Peace & blessings to all,