Oriental Miso Noodles 

by haikuhouse

 This Miso-Cup noodle dish is very simple to make. I recommend using mung bean or kelp noodles if you are concerned about the flour.

Angel Hair pasta was all I had on hand & if that’s all you have right now too, it’s still a wonderful dinner with some teriyaki chicken or shrimp!

Experiment with the noodles to add extra nutrients…I’m thinking veggies like oriental baby corn (canned food item), seaweed & mushrooms. 

Don’t forget, the Miso-Cup packet already has flakes of onion, kelp & sodium. So I don’t suggest adding any extra salt.

Oriental Miso Noodles

  • Noodles: enough to serve 3 hungry people
  • An entire packet of the Miso-Cup 
  • Leftover pasta water

Once you’ve cooked your noodles, drain most of the water. You want enough liquid to make sure the packet of miso gets completely dissolved, but not soupy. 

Use chopsticks so you can eat slowly & enjoy the savory umami flavor of miso.

I love mung bean noodles but I’m looking forward to trying the kelp!