Nature’s School Of Art & Design

by haikuhouse

Designing wallpaper & upholstery patterns would be the ultimate dream ‘job’. (Let’s not forget about tiles, textiles, furniture & lighting either!)

With the bachelors degree in Interior design I worked for & the skills I have been blessed with…I think it’s time I really put my God given talents to work.

It’s a repetitive statement, I know…but I’m SO grateful for the path God has chosen for me. 

So grateful

God’s Nature has schooled me far beyond anything I could have learned in college. Things about shapes, colors, patterns, geometry, human nature & a lot about myself.

The dried, brown leaves shown in the picture were found on a recent jobsite on Anastatia Island. 

They are perfect models for drawing & painting. I love the twisting & turning forms they have…The more I look at them the more I see exactly how to replicate them.

Here is my point for you: If you want to create & draw or paint…Whatever medium your drawn to…Study nature.

Find leaves, whatever & draw what you see. It might feel very awkward at first but I promise you will get it…Not only that, you will find that you have a style all your own.

Peace & blessings to all,