The Scallop Shell: A Symbol Of Pilgrimage 

by haikuhouse

Oh how I love this shell!!The scallop meat taste superb with lemon, garlic & sea salt…but this isn’t about food. 

It’s about the shells form, beautiful lines & spiritual symbolism.

The scallop motif has been seen everywhere from Architecture, to the platform in which Venus stands upon in Botticelli’s painting.

In more ancient of days, architectural columns of the Classical Order must have been inspired by the shells radiating, fluted appearance.

This shell is, in my opinion, one of the most aesthetically pleasing forms in nature. 

As an artist…As a person with sight, it’s hard to ignore it’s beauty. Most people think of the Nautilus, Conch or other spiraling shell as most beautiful & I can’t disagree with those divine proportions.

But currently what I really appreciate, is the symbolism of the scallop shell in that it represents the spiritual journey & pilgrimage of Christians.

It’s my prayer that every person, on every continent will recognize that we are all on a spiritual pilgrimage in life. We all take different paths to get to our final destination.

In France, people literally pilgrimage for weeks or months on the path that St. James took to visit the city of Santiago De Compostela. 
  All along the ‘Pilgrim’s Path’ there are symbols of the scallop shell to indicate your going the Right way.

Some people walk a harder path than others. That’s life. 

I pray those of us who do walk this road remain encouraged, inspired & press on towards whatever lies ahead.

It’s looking good!!!

Peace & blessings to all,